Blind Deblurring Using Discriminative Image Smoothing


This paper aims to exploit the full potential of gradient-based methods, attempting to explore a simple, robust yet discriminative image prior for blind deblurring. The specific contributions are three-fold: Above all, a pure gradient-based heavy-tailed model is proposed as a generalized integration of the normalized sparsity and the relative total variation. On the second, a plug-and-play algorithm is deduced to alternatively estimate the intermediate sharp image and the nonparametric blur kernel. With the numerical scheme, image estimation is simplified to an image smoothing problem. Lastly, a great many experiments are performed accompanied with comparisons with state-of-the-art approaches on synthetic benchmark datasets and real blurry images in various scenarios. The experimental results show well the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed method.

Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV 2018)